MANILA, Philippines – Carlo and Julia Lorenzana wanted to help local Mindanao farmers mill and sell their rice. Slowly, through the empowerment of farmers and private sector support, Sun Made was born in 2009 to help improve the lives of Filipino farmers and promote the joys of healthy eating in the country.

Sun Made is a 100-percent Filipino company based in Mindanao. Its four-hectare post-harvest facility is located in the outskirts of Davao City where the soil is most fertile for growing premium palay

It is the only rice producer that delivers straight to the grocery after each milling — because of this, it takes great pride in the quality of its rice. So apt is its slogan: “Freshness guaranteed. This is our promise.”

Sun Made is excited to show Filipinos that they can enjoy rice without guilt. “We want to tell people that rice is not the culprit in the battle against obesity; in fact, many studies show that whole grain, like brown rice, actually helps people achieve their weight loss goals by making them feel satisfied longer,” assert Carlo and Julia. “Not only is Sun Made Brown Rice a weight loss superfood, it is also good for overall health — packed with a range of B-vitamins, minerals, selenium, iron, fiber, manganese, to name a few.  Brown rice is ideal for those at risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The nutty, roasted flavor of brown rice is perfect for those who want a tasty, satisfying, and healthy partner to their favorite meat or seafood dish.”

Make the healthy and tasty switch with Sun Made Brown Rice, available in most groceries in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao such as Rustan’s, Shopwise, SM, Robinsons, and Echostore.

In addition, with every pack of Sun Made, you help a farmer earn a better living.

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